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The goal of opusTrack is to automate the mileage expense payroll function so administrative staff and mobile care providers can more efficiently utilize their time. It is a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes, from governmental health regions, to private care providers. Pricing is based on the size of the organization, making it affordable and valuable no matter your application.


opusTrack is an automatic mileage determination tool that creates both time and cost savings in managing the travel component of health or other services delivered to the home.

The software receives schedules from an existing database and calculates the shortest travel distance possible for each mobile care provider. It then generates a corresponding automated payroll statement for mileage compensation. opusTrack can also be used as an audit tool to validate and review manual mileage expense claims.

opusTrack can immediately reduce bottom line expenses and increase efficiency in both administrative and mobile care or service providers. Typically, the software pays for itself in the first year.

  • Automated generation of travel mileage pay stub for each employee.
  • Proprietary road network regularly updated
  • Provides detailed management reports, summarizing mileage statistics and trends
  • Integrated address integrity checks.
  • Integrated road construction and conflict resolution interfaces
  • Multiple address support for relocated clients
  • Reduction of travel costs associated with mileage compensation. In current use, opusTrack has reduced mileage expense claims by up to 30%.
  • Reduction of administrative costs by streamlining payroll tasks
  • Increased efficiency of care providers and administrative staff
  • Eliminates the time consuming and error prone task of employees manually submitting mileage expense claims

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