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opusHS (opus Health Services) is dedicated to creating solutions that improve the delivery and quality of Health Care. Our geospatially                optimized software solutions help bring clients and caregivers together more efficiently and effectively. At opusHS we understand that                   'less travel equals more care'

Our History


Over a decade ago, group of geospatial experts were approached by health experts with the problem of managing the mileage claims of mobile care workers.  This led to the realization that delivering health care is geospatial at its core.  Care providers, suppliers, and clients don’t live in hospitals; they live in communities across a landscape constrained by both nature and people

The solutions developed by opusHS help connect care providers, community resources, and supplies to those that need them, where and when they are needed.   We understand that any time spent travelling is time when care is not provided, and supplies are not available, and are dedicated to developing solutions to solve these issues.

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